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Unlocking Opportunities: Dubai Eases UAE Golden Visa Entry with Flexible Property Down Payments

Posted by main.admin on January 25, 2024

Key Features:

  • The UAE government has removed the minimum down payment requirement of Dh1 million for the Golden Visa in Dubai, making it more accessible.
  • Property owners with real estate valued at Dh2 million or more are now eligible for the 10-year Golden Visa, regardless of the upfront payment.
  • The revised criteria extend to those opting for payment plans or mortgages, making the Golden Visa accessible to a broader range of investors.
  • To apply, individuals need to submit essential documents, including the property’s title deed, a letter from the developer, or a mortgage document, along with a passport copy and photographs.
  • The minimum payment of Dh1 million is no longer required, opening the Golden Visa to everyone with a property valued at Dh2 million or more, including those with mortgages.
  • Off-plan properties may be considered on a case-to-case basis, offering flexibility in eligibility for the Golden Visa.
  • The policy change benefits buyers and end-users, especially with diverse payment plans ranging from 1 percent monthly to extended schemes spanning five to 25 years.
  • The Dubai real estate market has witnessed substantial growth, with property prices doubling in high-demand areas.
  • The change signals a shift towards a more inclusive and flexible approach to the Golden Visa, promoting Dubai as an attractive destination for a diverse range of investors.

The revised policy is designed to attract a diverse set of investors and boost economic development by ensuring a fairer process for those seeking the Golden Visa. As a result, the property market in Dubai is expected to experience increased activity and heightened global involvement, solidifying the city as a premier destination for international investment and settlement.

The Revised Criteria

As per recent developments, property owners with real estate valued at least Dh2 million can now get the Golden Visa without having to pay anything upfront. This new rule is great news for those opting for installment plans or mortgages, making the whole residency process more inclusive. Firosekhan, the managing director of Profound Business Service based in Dubai, pointed out that even off-plan properties could be considered in certain cases.

This updated approach not only simplifies things for investors but also reflects Dubai’s innovative and adaptable spirit in response to changing market conditions. The government’s willingness to consider off-plan properties on a case-by-case basis is a forward-thinking move. It highlights how the Golden Visa continues to drive sustainable development and foster cross-border collaboration in Dubai’s ever-evolving real estate market.

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Application Process

Golden Visa

The UAE government recently made a significant change to the Golden Visa in Dubai! Now, you don’t need to pay a massive Dh1 million upfront to secure a 10-year residency. This is great news for real estate, as it allows more people to join in and obtain the Golden Visa. It’s as if they’ve made it easier for a broader group of investors to participate, making it more accessible for everyone.

To secure a Golden Visa with the new rules, all you need are some key documents: your property’s title deed, a letter from the developer, or a mortgage document from the bank, along with a copy of your passport and a photo. It’s a straightforward process which helps property owners breeze through, without the hassle of a hefty initial payment.

And guess what? The government has also provided a convenient online application portal, which simplifies the submission process and also shortens the approval time. This intuitive system supports the goal of Dubai to deliver a very smooth investor experience. So, getting your Golden Visa is not just a residency thing; it’s a showcase of innovation and excellence at every step of the way.

No Minimum Equity Investment

According to Jess Stephenson, head of sales progression at Allsopp & Allsopp Group, you no longer need to worry about the Dh1 million minimum payment for the Golden Visa. Now, the only condition is that the property must have a value of Dh2 million and above, opening up the Golden Visa opportunity to all investors. Stephenson emphasized that this change makes it much more accessible for those going the mortgage route, as even a twenty percent down payment would now be sufficient to qualify.

This policy shift not only removes financial barriers for potential investors but also encourages diverse investment approaches, including the use of mortgage strategies. The absence of a minimum equity investment requirement in the UAE shows a commitment to creating a welcoming environment for people from all walks of life who dream of calling Dubai their home through the Golden Visa.

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Benefits for Buyers and End-users

Golden Visa

This big policy change is fantastic news for many buyers and folks looking to settle down in Dubai. The Golden Visa now offers payment plans that range from 1 percent monthly to extended schemes. Spanning five to twenty-five years. Plus, you can finance up to 80 percent of the property value through mortgages. Making it a more flexible option for a diverse range of investors.

These just not benefit investors. These extended payment options and mortgage choices cater to various financial needs that buyers and end-users may have. This increased accessibility makes the Golden Visa attractive. And also a strategic pathway for individuals and families aiming to establish permanent roots in Dubai. It’s not just about personal goals. It contributes to the city’s economic growth and enriches its cultural diversity.

Market Trends and Future Projections

The growth of Dubai’s real estate sector is truly amazing. Because it has taken a roller coaster ride in recent years. The price of the property, especially in areas with high demand, such as Palm Jumeirah and Downtown, has practically doubled. Cash transactions have been the norm. A shift in the Golden Visa criteria might just encourage more people to consider mortgages. Especially with the expected drops in interest rates.

This change in the market dynamics, favoring mortgage interests, is poised to sustain the growth in the real estate sector. Buyers are likely to appreciate the low initial costs and favorable financing terms, leading to continued positive trends. The influence of the Golden Visa on market patterns indicates that Dubai is looking ahead. This positions itself as a global financial hub. And also as an attractive real estate destination with enduring appeal and strength.

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The UAE’s Long-Term Residency

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is part of the UAE’s effort to attract diverse talent and investments for long-term residency. It welcomes investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, outstanding students, and graduates recognized as humanitarian pioneers or frontline heroes. There is a unique feature of self-sponsored residency and eased property ownership criteria. It reflects the government’s desire to appeal to a broad range of individuals.

This approach corresponds with the vision of UAE building a highly spirited and collaborative society. It enables it to reach its goals of becoming both a center for talent as well as innovation. The Golden Visa turns the country into a very tempting destination. Those who want not only to earn well but also support and prosper within an international community.


Dubai has recently taken a significant step by eliminating the minimum down payment requirement for the Golden Visa. This decision marks a fundamental shift in the country’s approach to both residency and real estate investment. The revised strategy aims to establish a more inclusive 10-year residency program for investors. Irrespective of whether they are domestic or foreign. This move underscores a commitment to inclusivity. As the real estate industry adapts and transforms. Dubai is establishing its status as a global leader in innovation. And entrepreneurship projected in the long-term growth.

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