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Free homes, UAE Golden Visas: Top Dubai real estate developers lure celebrities , Europe’s super-rich at exclusive events in France, Monaco, Italy

Posted by main.admin on July 2, 2024

Dubai’s top real estate developers are stepping up their marketing strategies by hosting high-profile events and exclusive roadshows to attract wealthy investors from Europe and beyond. These new trends are helping to draw celebrities and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) to Dubai’s luxury property market.

Exclusive Events in Europe’s Prestigious Destinations

Leading Dubai real estate companies and consultancies are targeting Europe’s elite through high-end events in celebrity hotspots such as France, Monaco, and Italy, as well as bustling business hubs like London, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Brussels. These exclusive, invite-only gatherings are designed to appeal to wealthy individuals in their favorite summer destinations and major financial centers.

“It’s no secret that the world’s wealthy spend their summers in places like France, Monaco, and Italy, while the main business hubs are in cities like London and Frankfurt,” said Samir Vissram, Property Consultant at Huspy, a prominent Dubai-based real estate consultancy and mortgage firm. “It makes perfect sense for real estate companies in Dubai to host high-end events in these locations to connect with potential investors.”

Vissram explained that these European cities have historically been home to many global hedge funds and corporations, making them ideal venues for attracting capital to Dubai’s real estate market.

Luxury Projects Offering Free Homes and Golden Visas

Some of Dubai’s most prestigious developers are using innovative strategies to entice investors. Seabeats, in collaboration with renowned developers like Benzathine and AGG Group, is offering attractive incentives at their European roadshows. These include opportunities to win a free flat or receive a golden visa for Dubai.

“At our high-profile events in Europe, we are offering exciting incentives such as a chance to win a free home or a golden visa,” said Abhishek Sharma, Founder and CEO of Seabeats. “These initiatives are designed to attract significant investment into our bespoke Dubai projects.”

Sharma highlighted that these events are focused on promoting island-level developments and green projects, such as the Sustainable City project, which features innovative green technologies and free amenities for residents.

Building Trust and Closing Deals Faster

Samer Chehab, Founder and CEO of, emphasized the benefits of direct engagement with European investors. “Rich clients from Europe value comfort, safety, and long-term residency options, and by going directly to them, developers can build trust and close deals more effectively,” Chehab explained.

Chehab noted that European investors tend to be more reserved and seek elevated, bespoke services rather than mass-market offerings. This approach allows developers to engage directly with high-net-worth individuals and secure high-value transactions.

Growing Demand from Asia and Australia

While traditionally Dubai’s property market has been dominated by investors from regions like the Middle East and Europe, there is now a noticeable rise in interest from Australia and parts of Asia. “We are seeing increasing demand from these regions, which are not typically top sources of investment for Dubai,” Chehab revealed.

This shift reflects a broader trend of HNWIs considering Dubai as a new base for property ownership due to its attractive price points, high returns on investment, and tax-free environment.

The Future of Luxury Real Estate Marketing

Looking ahead, more Dubai developers are expected to adopt similar strategies to attract wealthy buyers. “Dubai remains competitively priced compared to other global cities like London, while offering robust ROI,” Vissram said. “As more HNWIs choose Dubai as their new home, we anticipate that direct engagement through high-end events will become increasingly common.”

Chehab agreed, noting that Dubai’s property market offers both long-term and short-term returns that are appealing to international investors. “Given the comfort, safety, and economic stability Dubai offers, we expect to see continued growth in this trend,” he concluded.


Dubai’s real estate market is witnessing a new era of marketing strategies aimed at attracting the world’s wealthiest individuals. Through exclusive events, high-profile roadshows, and enticing incentives like golden visas and free homes, developers are positioning Dubai as a premier destination for luxury property investment.

Reference: Arabian Business

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