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Dubai Will Soon Become a 20-Minute-Only City

Posted by main.admin on December 20, 2023

Key Features:

  • Dubai aims to be a super quick city where going across town takes just 20 minutes by 2040. This will help everyone who lives there and those who come to visit.
  • The plan is to make life simple. They’re creating neighborhoods where most things you need, like your job or stores, are nearby and easy to reach by walking or biking.
  • Dubai will build special paths for walking and biking and make transportation better. They want fewer cars on the roads and more ways for people to travel without them.
  • But it’s not only about being handy. Dubai also wants to grow food in the city, make schools and hospitals closer, and keep its culture strong while getting better.
  • Even though it’s a big task, Dubai is determined to make it work. They want to demonstrate to the world how cities can be great places to live while taking care of the environment.
  • The goal is a future where time isn’t stressful but makes life more enjoyable. They want a city where everyone can have a simpler, happier life that’s also good for the planet.

Dubai, a city known for its incredible buildings and real estate projects, is now planning something really special. It’s aiming to make life super easy for everyone there. Imagine this: traveling from one end of the city to the other will take just 20 minutes! That’s crazy fast and will make getting around a breeze.

This big plan is all about making things super convenient. By reducing the time it takes to move across the city, Dubai wants to make life easier for people who live there and those visiting. It’s like redefining what it means to have a smooth and quick city experience.

It isn’t just about saving time; it’s a huge step forward in how cities work. Dubai is showing the world that it’s possible to make urban life more efficient and convenient than ever before. It’s like they’re setting a new standard for how cities can be super easy to live in and move around.

The 20-Minute City Concept – 2040 Master Plan


Dubai recently shared its big plan for what the city will be like in the future, all the way up to the year 2040. They want to make Dubai the absolute best place to live! But how are they going to do that? Well, let’s take a closer look at their plan.

One cool idea they have is called the “20-minute city.” Imagine living in a place where you can get to 80 percent of the things you need to do every day within just 20 minutes – whether you’re walking or riding a bike. That means you won’t have to spend ages traveling to work, going to the store, or meeting friends.

No more getting stuck in traffic jams or spending lots of money on taxis all the time. Dubai wants to change itself into a city where everything you need is super close by, making life much easier for everyone who lives there. They want convenience to be a regular part of everyday life, not just something special.

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How Will It Work?

Let’s see how the 20-minute city plan will work in the future:

Pedestrian-Friendly Infrastructure

Dubai plans to build lots of sidewalks, special bridges just for people walking, and lanes just for riding bicycles all over the city. Think about being able to easily walk or ride your bike to your favorite café, buy groceries, or visit friends without needing a car. Everything you need will be close by! They’re building wide paths for walking, special lanes for bikes, and bridges for people to cross roads. They’re also adding parks and places to play in neighborhoods to encourage exercise and make it easier for people to meet and spend time together.

Mixed-Use Neighborhoods

Dubai has a detailed plan to become a 20-minute city. They’re carefully planning the city by dividing it into different parts, each planned very carefully. These areas will have homes, shops, and fun places close together. This way, people won’t have to travel far for what they need, making it easier to live, work, and have fun in the same area. They want to create neighborhoods that are lively and full of different things. Imagine living in an area where you can find houses, shops, offices, and fun places like parks all very near to each other. This way, your workplace, the gym, and a nice park for relaxing would all be just a short walk away.

Smart Mobility Solutions

Dubai is planning to use really smart and advanced technology for transportation. They’re improving the city’s trains, trams, and buses to connect different areas smoothly. They’re making these systems bigger and better to help people move around easily. Also, they’re bringing in new ideas like self-driving cars and electric scooters to give people more ways to get around the city easily. They’ll have really good public transportation, cool electric scooters you can rent, and programs where you can share bikes. They want people to use ways of traveling that are good for the environment.

Reduced Reliance on Cars

In this 20-minute city, there will be fewer cars on the roads. Instead, people will use healthier ways to get around. Just think about going to work in the morning without worrying about sitting in traffic for a long time. Dubai wants to make traveling around the city stress-free and healthier for everyone. Dubai is working hard to create a city where travel is less about sitting in traffic and more about enjoying the journey. With fewer cars on the roads, the air will be cleaner, making the environment healthier for everyone. It’s not just about moving from one place to another; it’s about making the journey enjoyable and stress-free for everyone living in the city.

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Beyond Convenience


But the 20-minute city isn’t just about convenience. Dubai’s 2040 Master Plan includes other exciting initiatives:

High-Yield Agriculture

Dubai wants to find the right places within the city where they can grow lots of fruits and vegetables. They aim to make farms in these areas so that fresh and healthy food can be grown right where people live.  Imagine having farms that produce tasty fruits and veggies close to your home. It’s not just about having farms nearby; it’s about bringing the goodness of nature right to your doorstep, making it easier for everyone to enjoy fresh, homegrown goodness.

Expanded Educational and Health Facilities

Dubai wants to make more space for schools, colleges, and hospitals. They want everyone to have easy access to good education and excellent healthcare services. Imagine having schools and hospitals nearby, making it easier for everyone to learn and stay healthy. Just picture a Dubai where education and healthcare aren’t far-off destinations but integral parts of everyday life, ensuring everyone has the chance to learn and stay healthy without any hassle.

Sustainable Growth

While Dubai continues to build new things like roads and buildings, they also want to make sure they protect the things that make the city special. They want to grow and improve while keeping the city’s unique history and traditions alive. Just picture Dubai as a place that moves forward and grows while still celebrating and preserving its rich heritage and culture.

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Despite aiming for big changes, Dubai faces some tough challenges as it tries to become a 20-minute city. Making such a big transformation needs a lot of money, careful planning, and support from the public. It’s also tricky to make sure everyone can afford to live there, especially as prices for homes go up.

But Dubai is determined to make this happen. They’re working closely with experts, architects, and people from the neighborhoods to solve these problems. Even though it’s tough, Dubai is committed to turning this vision into reality.

Looking forward, Dubai has a bright future as a 20-minute city. By using fancy technology and smart planning, Dubai is showing other cities how to make better places to live. If Dubai succeeds, it could inspire other cities around the world to create cities that are good for the environment, easy to live in, and make people happy.

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Dubai’s plan to become a 20-minute city isn’t just something they hope for – it’s a smart plan made by really smart leaders. Imagine this: when the sun goes down and the famous Burj Khalifa lights up, we can start to see a future where time becomes our friend, not something we battle against. Dubai, known for doing things bigger and better, is getting ready to be a place where life is easier and kinder to the environment.

Picture this: you can put on your comfy shoes, ride your bike, and get set for a Dubai where every single minute is important. It’s not just about reaching places quickly; it’s about making life better and simpler for everyone who lives there. Dubai wants to show the world how a city can be both super-efficient and friendly to our planet. And in this future Dubai,

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