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Dubai Real Estate: Top Investment Strategies

Posted by main.admin on May 26, 2024

Over the past two years, Dubai real estate has outperformed practically every asset class. Prices increased by around 20% in 2024 alone, and gross rental returns are at 6.8%. Considering how tax-efficient investment in Dubai is, it becomes clear why there are so many interested parties worldwide.

However, finding the ideal investment property might be difficult given the abundance of properties available for purchase on the Property Finder website—more than 110,000—and the 80,0000 new houses that will be built in 2023. To make sure you invest your money correctly, scroll down to see what factors you should consider.

1. Capital Appreciation or ROI

First, decide if you want to invest for capital growth or strong rental income. Although the two may not necessarily go hand in hand, they are not mutually incompatible. You will receive a yearly income from your investment if you divide the value of your investment by the annual rental revenue less costs, or net rental yield. The yield is important since, for many players, the goal of the game is to accumulate a portfolio of real estate that generates passive income. 

Since the cheap sector typically has lower sales prices, it frequently produces the strongest headline returns; hence, places like Discovery Gardens frequently score highly on this measure. Understanding the service fee of any property you intend to buy, as well as the feasible rentals on any potential investment, is crucial since service costs can significantly reduce your return on investment. To optimize future value increases, however, one should seek out properties that are in great demand and have a natural scarcity. Due to the limited supply of comparable properties, a frond villa on Palm Jumeirah or an apartment facing the Burj in Burj Vista, for instance, are expected to hold their value better in the future. 

2. Short term or Long term

Dubai Real Estate

Short-term or vacation rentals are frequently thought of as excellent options for investors trying to maximize rental profits.

Short-term rental alternatives might be excellent for properties in popular places that are in demand by both business and vacation tourists. Furthermore, the weekly rates it attracts will be significantly higher than the annual rent.

Investors should be mindful of the additional expenses that come with short-term rentals, too, since they will fall under the landlord’s purview and include things like furniture prices, management fees, DTCM fees, and continuous DEWA payments.  

Additionally, short-term rentals provide the owner more freedom by letting them use the property whenever necessary. Nevertheless, there may also be times when the property is vacant. A growing number of short-term rental owners have switched back to long-term in the past year or two due to rising long-term sector rents and more competition from newly constructed hotel rooms. 

3. Secondary Off-Plan Market vs. Off-Plan Market

The off-plan market gives investors the chance to select a brand-new home and stretch out the down payment throughout development, which is normally two to three years. If you don’t have a large down payment at first, this payment plan may be appealing to you. It may also enable you to invest in many homes at once, increasing your chances of making a profit.

Some off-plan buyers have been able to “flip” their purchases in recent years due to the market’s explosive growth, potentially doubling their initial investment.  

Flipping is a high-risk tactic that does, however, work in a rising market. In the past, many investors have suffered setbacks while attempting to flip apartments during market downturns.

Generally speaking, I would only suggest buying off the plan to investors who are positive they would be able to make all of the payments and accept the property’s transfer right away.

4. Secondary Industry

Dubai Real Estate

Although payment plans are not available in the ready market, investors may still benefit from instant returns in the form of rental revenue. For investors who are prepared to put in the necessary effort, older townhouses and villas might provide excellent chances for renovation and premium sales.

However, although older flats may have similar potential for value addition, purchasers should be advised that older towers may eventually require maintenance to common spaces and services, which might result in a large expense for the building’s owners. 

Must I Purchase a Branded Home?

In addition, it seems that not a day goes by without a new product being introduced onto the market bearing the brand of a high-end automobile, hotel, or wristwatch. Branded dwellings have grown in popularity.

Furthermore, it should be recognized that the purpose of branding a home is to enable the developer to sell units at a premium. However, globally branded homes have done well, and a well-executed home that lives up to its name can prove to be a wise investment over time.  

When choosing to purchase a branded home, however, investors should consider the following factors in addition to the building’s name.

  • A history of the creator
  • The standard of the facilities
  • The building’s available concierge service

All budgets may find great chances in Dubai real estate; however, with so many homes available and new releases, daily, it’s critical to follow the data and consult with reliable brokers to make the best choice possible. Your broker should be aware of your long-term objectives and assist you in developing an entry and exit plan that optimizes your profits while fitting your circumstances. 

Dubai Real Estate


Real estate investing in Dubai may be done in a variety of strategic ways, each having advantages and disadvantages of its own. Long-term appreciation and consistent passive income are often possible with the buy-and-hold approach. Although they come with more property management duties and possibly increased market volatility, short-term rentals can provide greater rental revenue and flexibility. Keep in mind that every strategy has a unique set of factors to take into account and necessitates careful preparation, careful investigation, and due diligence. Knowing these three tactical stances helps you to choose wisely when it comes to purchasing the greatest real estate in Dubai.

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