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Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City is ideally poised to play a key role in shaping the future of the maritime sector for decades to come. All 249 hectares of DMC is a well thought out and planned maritime city with predetermined industrial as well as commercial precincts.

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This iconic City is spread over 249 hectares and is strategically located between Port Rashid and the Dubai’s Drydocks World, and aims to capitalize Dubai’s strengths and position as a regional and global maritime hub in order to create a dynamic urban life style for maritime community. Ordained to be the emblematic paradigm for all maritime events, strategic sea-based location, and open channels to the eastern and western shipping corridors.

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Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City, is an incredible waterfront development in Dubai, UAE. It’s like a dream come true for the maritime industry! This dedicated hub offers a wide range of services and facilities to support all things maritime.The infrastructure and facilities in Dubai Maritime City are top-notch. They have purpose-built offices, workshops, and industrial spaces that are specifically designed for maritime businesses. They even have specialized zones for shipyards, marine research, and education institutions. It’s a complete ecosystem that supports the entire maritime value chain, attracting companies from shipping, marine engineering, logistics, and more.

But Dubai Maritime City isn’t just about work. They also take care of the needs of their residents and visitors. They have residential buildings, hotels, retail outlets, and dining options, creating a self-sustained environment. You can live, work, and enjoy life all within this vibrant community. And let’s not forget the beautiful waterfront location! It provides stunning views and a refreshing ambiance that adds to the overall appeal.

Dubai Maritime City is truly a visionary project that showcases Dubai’s commitment to the maritime industry. It’s a place where businesses thrive, and people can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle.
Know more about properties for sale in Dubai Maritime City,

Know More About Properties For Sale in Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City is not just a thriving hub for maritime businesses, but it also offers properties for sale in Dubai Maritime City within the community. The strategic location near Port Rashid provides direct access to shipping terminals and convenient connections to major transport networks like Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Metro. This means seamless movement of goods, services, and personnel for businesses operating in the area. 
Properties for sale in Dubai Maritime City apart is its commitment to innovation and. sustainability. The community prioritizes green Ras Al Khaimah practices and utilizes environmentally friendly technologies, aligning with Dubai’s vision of a sustainable future. Moreover, Dubai Maritime City actively promotes research and development in the maritime sector, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within the community.

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